Tuesday 7 January 2014

Cute Crochet Monkey

Long-term followers might remember (or maybe not, as it was two years ago!) that I made this pink monkey for myself.  It was around the time my nephew was born and I'd always had in my head that I must make a blue one for him.  I struggle to bring myself to make the same thing twice, though, so it's taken me all this time to do it.

I decided the time was right, as whenever he comes round he clocks the pink one and goes straight for it!  I felt he must have one of his own for his birthday this year.

I gave the monkey a top with a 'T' on it - my nephew's initial.  Whereas my pink one is happier in her birthday suit!  (I always thought of the pink one as a boy actually, but she seems like a girl in these pics)

A friend at last!

But wait... what's this?  He's climbed onto the dresser!

What a pair of monkeys!

I think they might have got into the Christmas sherry!

(Ok, I got a bit carried away taking pictures of the pair of them!!)

The pattern is a great free one from here.

I hope my nephew loves his as much as he seems to love mine!


  1. I cannot imagine anyone not loving one of these monkeys, let alone a special nephew whose special aunt made him one of these little fellows!! xx

  2. Oh wow, you are so clever - love them both!

  3. I bet he is thrilled! I do like a good free crochet pattern.

  4. Love these. Will try and make one for my little girl. Happy New year to you x

  5. HAHAHAHA, oh my god Maria I had a proper laugh at my desk over these. The pictures are so cute and I love your narration. Not to mention the monkeys! Argh, they're so cute. I bet your nephew was over the moon.

    Your pink monkey is just lovely - that sounds a bit dirty.

  6. Thats proper cute! I know what you mean about making two things the same I always find the second one a total chore no matter how cute. I bet he is delighted with it xx

  7. Cheeky monkeys....but they are so cute you forgive them anything... Was he pleased with his pressie? Anna x


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