Sunday 19 January 2014

Crochet and Cross Stitch Phone Case

Well, I didn't get round to tackling that craft room (bad girl!).... but I've been working on a little craft project - a case for my new mobile phone.  My last phone had this homemade case, made of fabric and felt.  It's too small for my new phone, and I wanted to try a crochet one this time.

It's made from King Cole Bamboo Cotton, including the embroidery cherry design.  I really like the firm smoothness you get from that yarn.  I adapted the cherry design from this one.

I made it with single crochet stitches, crocheted in the round, with a button fastening on the back.

The loop is a row of chain stitches, created while crocheting the pink band at the top, so it is integral to the case, not attached afterwards.

During the course of making it, I may have munched may way through some of this delicious birthday rock...

My brother and sister-in-law bought it from Bruges for me, for my birthday.  You can see the happy birthday running through the rock - it's scrumptious!

As if I hadn't eaten enough lately, and even though Christmas is over... I felt the need to make some peppermint bark yesterday.  I'd hoped to make some over the Christmas period, but didn't get chance.  We still had some left over candy canes, so I turned them into this:

Why is it on the sofa?  I just wanted to get the pretty cushions in the background!

I used this recipe - so easy to make.  Although I needed some help from the lumberjack with smashing up the candy canes - he wasted no time in locating a rubber mallet and bashing the cr*p out of them!  Other than his enthusiasm over the smashing part, he was somewhat sceptical about the whole idea.  Comments such as: "so what tree is supposed to have bark that looks like this?" and "what a waste of four perfectly good bars of chocolate and some beautifully formed candy canes" (which he didn't seem so concerned about when he was armed with the mallet!)

It made a lot more than is shown, so that should keep me going for... oh... an hour or so?!


  1. ooh yummy!! Love love love your cherry phone case too :0) Sam xx

  2. Love your little phone case, it's so cute with the wee cherries. That yarn looks really nice, I must look out for that.
    Marianne x

  3. Your phone case - and the previous one! - is lovely, your phone will be very cosy. Love the tale of the peppermint bark! It looks very pretty photographed with your lovely cushions and blanket!! xx

  4. What a lovely phone case, I am so envious as this is so cute and colourful. Your cushions and blankets look fabulous but I would really like a piece of your peppermint bark please! A great post, thanks so much, big hugs

  5. That is one snazzy case! I love the colours and design - I really want to try cross stitch on crochet, and the yarn you used has a beautiful texture! Chrissie ps I'm fascinated by the rock - what wizardry got those words running through the middle? ;-)

  6. Your phone must be one happy phone! Lovely case! Great cross stitch! Anna x

  7. that is such a sweet phone case. I made myself one once but found it annoying to keep taking it out and putting it away so I abandoned it!

  8. Love your phone case...the yarn and colours are gorgeous and I love the cross stitch detail!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  9. Ahh I may try one of these for my mobile. Such a good idea and very pretty too. The mint bark looks yummmm.
    Melanie x

  10. Bahahaha, yeah husband has those moments of doubt too when I'm asking him to destroy something in the name of food / craft / art / DIY. Peppermint bark is absolute NOM.

    And of course, I can't not mention your new phone case. It's adorable! I would have never thought to combine crochet and cross stitch. Mad props. And that yarn looks so lovely ...

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  12. "Combining crochet and cross stitch to create a phone case is such a creative idea! This unique blend of techniques allows for endless possibilities in design and customization. Whether you prefer intricate patterns or simple motifs, this project offers the chance to showcase your skills and add a personal touch to your phone. I'm eager to see the beautiful textures and designs that crafters will create with this innovative approach. It's sure to result in a one-of-a-kind accessory that stands out!" Nellykini


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