Tuesday 27 December 2011

Handmade Gifts

Merry Christmas!  I hope you've all had a lovely time!  My Christmas was a bit mad, with us all thinking that my nephew was going to arrive on Christmas day... but we are still waiting!!  My poor sister-in-law!

I thought I'd show you a few presents, of the handmade variety, that I gave - now that they have all been received!  I bought the below gorgeous handbag mirrors from Jenny Arnott whose blog I follow:

I stole those pictures off of her blog, as they are better than I could take!  Available at her Etsy Shop.

I gave my sister-in-law this lovely ceramic mini-bunting from Kath Cooper:

I bought myself one too (how extravagant!) with a turquoise cord.  I think it's so pretty!

I also wrapped a couple of bath bombs in pretty fabric and tied them with ribbon as a little extra gift for my Mum and my sister-in-law.

Very simple, but I'm really pleased with how they came out.

For my Lumberjack, a little extra present was this hanging felt tree for his van, as he loves trees so much!!  It's stuffed with lavender, which maybe is a bit girlie... but he said that it's not too overpowering, as it masks the damp and musty air this is usually found within his van!!

That's it for now... next time I'll show you some of the crafty presents I received!!  And there may be a nephew to brag about...!!


  1. Thanks for the mention :) hope they liked the mirrors! The cake bunting is so sweet too, not surprised you treated yourself to one too! Looking forward to hearing all about the new arrival, hope all goes smoothly xxx

  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Congrats on your new status on fb!
    You chose some super little gifts there, I'm sure they must have been delighted. Loving the tree, a great idea.
    I have been thinking about you and your nephew over Christmas - new babies do like to keep everyone waiting!
    Becky x

  3. Fab pressies - I really love the cake bunting, so cute! Hope your Nephew doesn't keep you waiting too long! x

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