Sunday 3 January 2021

Creation Consolidation - 2020!

I like to round up my creations for each year - so here we go with 2020.  I did not have a very creative year at all.  I really need to up my game!  The last two years have been a bit sparse, since I had my daughter in 2019.  It's hard to find the time and energy - and this year has naturally been difficult with the Covid pandemic.

Anyway - let's see what I did manage to make!  Click the headings or pictures to be taken to the blog posts for more information.

Paper Flower Wall Hanging

Knitted Peach

Drawstring Bag

Stevie Top


Yarn Hoop Wall Hanging

Fimo Bead Keyring

Snuggle Down Cowl

Crochet Carrot

Felt Christmas Pudding Decoration

Grey Crochet Baby Blanket

It's still more than I thought, to be honest.  I think I say this every year and that's why I like rounding up my makes in one place!

If you are interested, here are my consolidation posts from previous years:

I didn't do a round-up for years before that, but you can see other finished items at the below links:

I hope that 2021 is a more positive year for us all.

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