Thursday 9 June 2011


Well, here is an extra little post from me since my post two hours ago, as no-one knew what I was talking about when I mentioned Tiger!

It is a funny shop which has all sorts of random things in it - from beads and tissue paper, to herbs and spices.  You never know what you'll find each time you visit!

Here is the website, but unfortunately you can't buy online.  Here is a link to the apple goodies.

Tins - £1 each

But now I feel bad for mentioning it as it seems that no-one has a store near them, so can't buy the fun things!  :o(

Here is the store locator - just in case!

Well, at least you now know what I am talking about...


    1. Well, thanks for filling us all in on Tiger. Sadly my nearest store is nearly a 2 hour drive away :(
      Enjoy all those bargains though!
      Becky x

    2. OOhhh a new shop!
      Never heard of Tiger, but have had a quick look at the website and store loactor - thanks for providing the links!
      Some great value and cheerful goodies there - no store very near though!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Gill xx

    3. What cute tins...I am always collecting them! Your blog is lovely. Happy day to you.

    4. Ooh, there is one in Basingstoke, nowhere near me but when I visit my bestest friend we always go there for a shopping splurge, so I'll make sure we go visit Tiger when I'm next seeing her


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