Wednesday 15 June 2011

Giveaway Countdown...

I've created a little counter, to count me down until I reach 50 followers and can do my giveaway!  18 to go...

I've put a smaller version in my sidebar... I think it is going to be slow moving, but you never know... I may get there eventually!

Yesterday I started work on a little something to include in the giveaway:

It's not finished yet (but there is no rush!!).

I'd better go and get ready... I'm off out to dinner in a bit, for a friend's birthday... mmm I really fancy a nice meal out!


  1. I am following you (that sounds a bit spooky!!)
    did you know you have 31 subscribers on Google Reader???
    Sarah x

  2. Hello,

    Thought I would help you along towards your goal of 50 followers. Really pretty blog x

    Leah x

  3. Hi Maria! Hope you have had a lovely meal. Looks like your numbers are going to shoot up so you'd better get cracking with that giveaway! The colours of your yarn and button match beautifully.
    Becky x
    PS I am sat nibbling a chocolate orange and my verification word is 'podgy'! Now what's that trying to tell me?!

  4. There you go I'm following now so only 16 to go.
    Hugs Pene

  5. Good luck on reaching your target, sure it won't be long til you get there! xx

  6. Love the counter idea, but you'd better hurry gathering your giveaway things as it won't be long now ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Hello Dinki dots - just popping in to say 'HI'

    Have a lovely day and 'ta ever so'

    Nina x


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