Saturday 7 May 2011

Shrek the Musical!

We had a family trip to London to see 'Shrek the Musical' last night!  My Mum loves Shrek, so my brother and sister-in-law got her tickets to the opening night of the musical for her birthday, back in September - it's been a bit of a wait!  We all bought tickets too, and made a nice evening of it, with dinner, a couple of cocktails and the show - great fun!  We really enjoyed it!

Lord Farquaad was VERY funny!

I made my first item for the button swap today - and I'm pleased with it!  Fingers crossed Kandi will be too!  Obviously I can't show you until after the swap...

Lately I've been working on the border for my crocheted stripy mini-blanket:

I'm doing a border of single crochet, also in stripes... it's taking a long time!  I love those colours...


  1. We have a class going to london on a school trip soon and have booked to see Shrek so I'm glad to hear it's good.
    Love your mini blanket. Do you regret the stripes? When I made my stripey Easter basket I found sewing in the ends a real pain. It was worth it in the end so keep up the good work!
    Becky x

  2. Love the colours on your blanket!

    My oldest daughter is going to see Shrek in two weeks so glad it comes with good recommendations!

    Rhi x


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