Sunday 15 May 2011

African Flower - How To

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my African Flower!  It now has some friends...!

To The Krafty Cupcake and B... give crocheting a go!  I struggled a bit with it at first, but once you practise a bit, it does start to make sense.  My Swedish friend, Anna, is brilliant at crocheting and she got me started on it.  It does help to have someone with you to show you what to do, but there are some great tutorials online.

Heidi Bears is brilliant - really detailed step by step instructions with clear pictures:

Chain Stitch and Single Crochet
Double Crochet

Those are the only stitches you need to be able to make this African Flower, which is actually really easy... especially using Heidi Bears' African Flower tutorial!  For Kandi, this is the tutorial I used (I meant to refer to it yesterday, but forgot!):

African Flower Tutorial

I only crocheted up to a point - I didn't do the extra borders round the flower.  This pattern is so easy to follow (even for a novice like me), with such clear pictures, that I recommend you all give it a try!!  You'll get addicted - I am now considering how many different things I can make with them - cushions, throws... the list goes on!

For those who need a bit more incentive to start crocheting...

Wouldn't it be worth it just to own a set of these colourful crochet hooks?!  Ordered Friday afternoon off ebay, arrived on Saturday - excellent!  Hopefully I am now prepared for every crocheting eventuality!

Colourful fun!


  1. Thanks for that link I will give these a try now. Love your new hooks they are really pretty. Have you used bamboo hooks, I just can't get used to them.
    Kandi x

  2. Hi Maria,

    Just love the hooks, looks like you have one of every size.

    Love Mum xxxxx

  3. Hi there Maria,
    Just found your blog through B's. Aren't those colourful hooks just gorgeous? Make me want to go "hooking" every time I look at them.

  4. Firstly, love the images at the top of your blog, v. professional!
    Secondly I have the said same crochet hooks also ordered from ebay. Had them about a year now and love them! I paid about £8 for the set and they are worth every penny and more.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial, will check it out.
    Becky x

  5. I'm learning crochet and was really loving it, although my teacher has now moved to Manchester (I'm in London) so am just left with the books now! And they all seem to give different you use English or US terms, that's confusing too! Your African flower hanging looks lovely though, so far I've just about mastered a flower brooch.

    Found you through my friend Sarah at Home Made Gorgeous by the way

    Lakota x


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