Thursday 19 May 2011

I'm so lucky!!

I signed up to Lucey's Button Swap, at Lemonade Kitty, and was partnered up with the lovely Kandipandi - lucky lucky me!!  Kandi has been a fantastic swap partner - so lovely and friendly and helpful... and the package she sent me is wonderful!!!  Thank you so much Kandi!

It arrived at work today...

I was sooo excited!!

I opened the box to find this...

You can see a lovely home-made button card in the background and lots of lovely packages and a very cute home-made box!

The light in the photos isn't the best, as they were taken in the office on my desk!  (But I couldn't wait until I got home!)

A couple of the girls came round to my desk, to share the opening fun!!!  It is a predominately male office, so the blokes were probably wondering what on earth we were getting so excited about!!!

To see what beautiful wonderful delights we were getting so excited about... you will have to wait I'm afraid!!  Sorry!  I didn't get home until fairly late today - and the light wasn't the best.  I did take pictures of it all, but they weren't that great, too dark - and I want to do justice to my lovely goodies!!

All my home-made bits for Kandi are already made - I just need to get a couple of things, and then I will be able to send my package to her!

Again - thank you Kandi, you are so generous and talented!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, you are so welcome! Really pleased you liked it, it's fun making for someone else. You'll never know how close you came to not getting those chocolate buttons ;)
    Kandi x


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