Sunday 8 May 2011

New Home Card

Here is a New Home card I made this week for Rohan's cousin and his girlfriend.  This has now been given to them, so I can reveal it here... ('reveal it' - that makes it sound a lot more exciting than it is!)

The letters on the bunting spell 'THE COTTAGE' - the name of their new home.

The verse inside:

And a little something to go with it, before we get them a proper house-warming present...

What more does any house need - than love, friends and laughter?  Perfect!

Wrapped in tissue paper, with a bow...

Is it just me, or does anyone else get addicted to taking photos for their blog?!  I can't seem to stop...!


  1. That card is really lovely! I know what you mean about photographing everything for your blog, I have been the same; in fact I carry my camera everywhere, always! A bit sad i think sometimes. But I always see stuff that I think the blogging community would be interested in when I don't have my camera!
    Kandi x

  2. Nice! The buntings are so cute.

  3. Thanks Kandi and Glenys!

    It's not sad Kandi, I think it's all part of the blogging addiction!

  4. Oh I have certainly got addicted to taking photos. Made scones today, Mum came in and asked why I was taking photos of them. Thank you for the crochet links wanted to get started. ~x~


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