Monday 16 May 2011

What did I turn my African Flowers into...?

I made an African Flower with the extra two double-crochet borders around... and this is the result...

In total I have made this big one, and five smaller ones...

Five lovely African Flowers...


Don't they look pretty...?

Put all six together, with a few beads...

... and you get a lovely African Flower Hanging!

That big flower at the top is hiding a crack in the corner of the mirror, which has annoyed me since I moved into my flat.  Well, it only took me five years to sort... but now it is hidden with this lovely hanging!  Yay!!

The pictures of the hanging aren't the best, as virtually no light ever gets into my dingy flat!  Usually I take my crafty bits to windowsills to try to get some light on them... but I couldn't bring any light into my hall I'm afraid!

I can't claim credit for this idea... I spotted it on Meme Rose's lovely blog, here.  Although, her hanging is not covering any unsightly mirror cracks and is in an utterly beautiful home I could only dream of!

My next post will not be about African Flowers - I think I've done this to death now!  I do so love them, but I don't want you all getting bored!


  1. Ooooh that looks lovely! I'm inspired :)

    Jo x

  2. You clever thing, I love them! They look fab as a hanging decoration. I am itching to try them but busy making buttony things:) I've finished your parcel now I'll post it out in the next day or so.
    Kandi x

  3. That works really well. You have chosen a super colour combination. Now, I get the feeling you would quite like to make more of these (!) so I would suggest you pop over to the blog 'crochet with raymond' where she has made something similar but in a banner - and she has a tutorial for it. I think she calls it a prayer mandela, or something similar. See, we are not bored by this at all, in fact I'm recommending you make more!
    Well done!
    Becky x
    PS you can find the blog in my favourite blogs list - but you've probably visited her already, she's very talented.

  4. So beautiful!! I really loved your hanging!

  5. beautiful! I'm very happy to have inspired you... your design is great. Love your blog x


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