Sunday 11 April 2021

Baby Boy V-Stitch Crochet Blanket

 I have finished the crochet blanket for my little boy bump!

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

This picture shows it in my little daughter's pink bedroom, as the nursery is yet to be painted for the new baby, and the cot is on order!  The baby's room will probably be bluey/aqua colours with accents of orange.

The yarn I've used is King Cole Cottonsoft DK in the below colours:

Azure (3366)
Opal (3460)
French Navy (741)
Orange (3030)
White (710) - not shown

You can buy this yarn from Love Crafts*.

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

I used this blanket as my starting point.  I started and ended with colour sections, though, rather than white sections, and I chose a different border.

  • I started with a chainless sc (US) foundation row of 149 stitches, plus 3 ch.  I would recommend doing a chain in this case, though, which would be 149 stitches, plus 3 = 152 ch.
  • I did four repeats of four colours (with white inbetween).  I have tight tension though, and for me the blanket was a bit thin.  So someone else might get away with three repeats.  Or else do more chains to make a wider blanket.  (Your starting chain must be a number that is divisible by 3, then plus 5.  For example, 152 ch is 49 x 3 = 147.  147 + 5 = 152.)
  • Each coloured band was 4 rows of v-stitch.
  • Each white band was 2 rows of v-stitch.
  • When finished, I went around the blanket with single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) in white.  I did 2 stitches over the last stitch in each row of v-stitch down the sides.  Across the top and bottom, when I got to a v space, I did a long sc (US) / dc (UK) into it, to slightly mimic the zigzag of the v-stitch.
  • I did a row of sc, skip 2 st, ch 2.  I then did a row of sc, before continuing the border in linen stitch in white, ending with a single linen stitch row in orange.  You could probably just go straight into linen stitch after your initial foundation row of sc/dc, though.  (I was a bit undecided on what I was doing at first!)

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

I'm really pleased with how it came out, and how the colours look together!

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

The blanket measures approximately 78cm x 103cm. 

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

If the blanket looks a bit rumpled in the last two pictures, it's because a certain little toddler decided to play on it during the photoshoot!  At least it has her seal of approval - hopefully her brother will feel the same!

A cute stripy crochet v-stitch baby boy blanket

What do you think?  I hope you like it!

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  1. I have just made this . It’s a beautiful blanket and easy to do
    Thank you 😊

  2. Hi Thank you for a wonderful pattern, love the way you wrote it as I am hopeless at reading patterns
    I just made this with a little change to the border, I did a foundation single crochet then 4 rows of half double and a row of half double and then a single in the orange
    Thank you


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