Saturday 10 December 2022

Crochet Penguin

I have finally finished a crochet project - I think it must be the first yarn related project I've finished since Max was born!

I did plan for this to be a birthday present for Emily, back in May.  Well, that didn't work out and it wasn't completed by then, but I managed to finish it in time for her December box.  It's a bit like a Christmas Eve box, but she gets it at the beginning of December with festive things in for the month!

Crochet Penguin

I used the free pattern for Brian the MBP Penguin.  The only thing I changed was to do one less round on the feet, as mine were coming up very big.  Oh, and the blue "coat" of the penguin came out bigger than the white body - so I added stuffing at the back of the body to fill out the coat so that it fit snuggly when I sewed it on.  I'm not sure why that happened - maybe something to do with my tension - but stuffing the gap did the trick and you wouldn't really know!

Crochet Penguin

I think he's rather cute, and Emily is very happy with him which is lovely!

I hope to be back soon with more makes!

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