Sunday 28 April 2019

Crochet Baby Gifts

My dear friend Anna has been busy crocheting me some lovely gifts for the baby - which I received at my baby shower a few weeks ago...

Crochet baby gifts

Just look at that cute elephant!!!

Crochet baby gifts

Don't you just love the eyelashes?!  My favourite bit!

For over ten years, when Anna crocheted the cutest baby blanket for her daughter, I have been hankering after one of her beautiful blanket creations... and finally the time came!

Crochet baby gifts

I'm a big aqua fan - so she picked my favourite colour!  It's got such lovely soft drape too - gorgeous!

Crochet baby gifts

Thank you so much Anna, I'm so grateful!  What a lucky little girl she is, and she's not even here yet!

Crochet baby gifts


  1. I am welling up here.. thank you for a lovely post! And great to see blanket and elephant in the baby room. I like the picture of the blanket draped over the cot.x

    1. Thank you again for your beautiful crocheting! The blanket does look good with the cot!! xx


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