Sunday 9 April 2017

New Blanket Plans - Bright and Bold

Work has been crazily busy and very stressful lately.  But this weekend I've managed to relax a bit and make a start on a new blanket.  A funny thing to start when we've had the most beautiful warm sunny weather this weekend!

I know I should be carrying on with my blue stripy blanket but I wanted to try this out!  I was given the yarn for my birthday and Christmas in December and I have plans for a bright and bold colour-block blanket.

Looking for bright bold colour-block crochet blanket ideas?  Read more to see the start of one!

I've been trying out a couple of things to work out the sizing, and I'll be starting again with the red and blue to make the middle square bigger, but I've got a good feeling about it so far!

The picture gives a good idea of how it will look, the general feel of it, I think - I'm already excited to see it progress.

The yarn is King Cole Bamboo Cotton which I absolutely love working with.  It gives a lovely smooth finish, so I use it a lot for amigurumi.  It's also what I made my Japanese Flower Coasters out of - and I'm using those colours again here, with a few additions.

I hope to show you more soon(ish)!

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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  1. Happy crocheting! It is fun to play around isn't it.

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes, it's fun playing around with colours and trying out ideas!

  2. A feast for the eyes Maria! Just what we need! xx

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it's going to be a lovely funky bright colourful blanket! xx


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