Sunday 10 July 2016

Tapestry Crochet Chevron Phone Case

I got a new phone at the beginning of the year.  Despite being all excited about making a new phone case for it - it's taken me until now to finally do it!

I used a technique I've never tried before - tapestry crochet.  Using this I was able to create the zig-zag (or chevron, as 'zig-zag' doesn't seem to be a fancy enough name these days!) design.  It was quite fun to try, and there are all sorts of design possibilities.

It does give a kind of jaggedy edge between colours, but I think that is all just part of the effect.  Although there may be techniques to make a smoother line - I'll have to research this if I do another tapestry crochet project.

I used a pretty mint button to hook a crochet loop around, to secure the phone.

My previous crochet phone case, I crocheted in a continuous loop, rather than ending each row with a slip stitch and chaining to start the next row.  It creates a very neat fabric.  For this one, I thought that the design might get muddled if I did it that way so I didn't use the continuous method.  You can see in the picture that this has created a diagonal join 'seam' on the back, where each row ended and the next began.  I prefer the look of the continuous crochet, but it's not too bad.

Below you can see the pattern I created in Excel to use when making this...

Each square is a single crochet stitch and a row covers both sides of the case as the whole case was made in one, rather than making each side and sewing together.

I think I prefer my previous phone case, but I still like it and it was fun to learn a new crochet technique!  What do you think?  Have you tried tapestry crochet?

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  1. I prefer this one, it looks such a sturdy fabric. Enjoy using it. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo - that's good to hear! I guess it is sturdier as you carry the other yarn colour along inside the stitches, so there is extra thickness there - more protection for the phone! x

  2. Looks very neat to me. I like it a lot. Nice colours as well. Good idea to make the pattern in excel, I will remember that for my cross stitches!

    1. Thanks Anna! Any excuse to use excel for some pattern planning I say! xx

  3. What is the pattern repeat


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