Sunday 24 July 2016

Jenny's Blanket of Hugs

Kate over at Just Pootling has taken on the mammoth task of organising a big crochet-community project as a gesture of love and support for Amanda Bloom (of Little Box of Crochet) and her daughter Jenny, who is fighting a battle against cancer.  You can read more about this here - she puts it all into words far better than I can.

To sum up, crocheters in this country and around the world are all busily making crochet squares following Kate's gorgeous patterns, which will together make up a big comforting blanket for Jenny, in her favourite colours.

My three squares have been made, as you can see above.  I've never tried bobbles before - and I love them!  I definitely see more bobbles in my crochet future!

If you would like to take part, the pattern and all the details can be found here.  Kate uses a 3.5mm hook, but I found that to get my squares to the right size I had to go up to a 5mm hook!  I am clearly a very tight crocheter - it makes you wonder how tense I am?!  The stripy and plain squares also came up a little smaller than the bobble square, but they are not too far off.  With so many different crocheters involved, the square sizes are bound to vary slightly, but I'm sure when everything is crocheted together it will all even out.

I'm glad that I got the chance to contribute to this lovely kind project of Kate's.

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