Monday 10 November 2014

Make Your Own Gift Basket - How To

It's always lovely to give a gift that has that personal touch, but we can't (or don't have time to) make everything!  A nice idea is to collate a few chosen items into a gift basket.

There are plenty of these sorts of gift sets for sale in the shops, but I enjoy putting the contents together myself.  It's fun to do and shows a bit of extra thought for the recipient.

A month or so ago, I was shopping with the Lumberjack's Mum and she pounced on some beautifully wrapped soaps in TK Maxx, saying how much she loved it when they had these in store.  My little brain took note ready for Christmas!

One that I remember she particularly liked was the orange scented soap.  After spending some time this weekend smelling nearly every one they had (don't mind me passed out on the floor in a soap-induced stupor!) I decided to go for an 'oranges and lemons' theme.

Not only do those soaps smell delicious, but look at the gorgeous packaging!  (This isn't a sponsored post by the way.)  Some lemon hand-wash and orange body-wash went with the theme and also smelt delectable.  The flannel was from BHS as there was nothing suitable in TK Maxx - it had to be orange or yellow!

I found a cute little basket in the perfect size (also TK Maxx) and then it was just a case of popping the smellies in the basket in a pleasing arrangement...

To call this a 'how to' is a bit of a stretch really...
  • Buy some stuff
  • Buy a basket
  • Put stuff in basket
Wow, bet you'd never have figured that out on your own!  But hopefully it might spark some gift ideas for some of you out there.  It's fun to put together something you know is going to be liked and enjoyed, and it doesn't have to be smellies.  Other gift basket themes could be:
  • Nail Care Kit - nail-varnishes, hand-creams, emery boards, etc
  • Baking Basket - cake cases, biscuit cutters, wooden spoon, pretty spatula, etc
  • Tea and Biscuit Basket - posh tea bags, pretty cup and saucer, fancy biscuits, etc
  • Car Care Kit - (this is too boring for me even to list what you might want to put in it! - but it might be a good one for car-loving men in your family)
  • Book Lover's Basket - a good book or two, some cosy socks, some chocolates to nibble on (oooh, I like the sound of this one!)
The possibilities are endless - have fun creating personalised gift baskets for the people you love!  (And do let me know if you get any inspiration from this post - that would put a smile on my face.)


  1. I am sure that it will be appreciated! Gift baskets or hampers are a great way to gather a number of smaller items together into one larger gift aren't they. xx

  2. Dear Maria
    Great ideas and they can be really personalised for the recipient too. I bet this one will be very popular!
    Best wishes

  3. I laughed for a solid 30 seconds at your 'how to'. Loud. Like, so loud my cat jumped off my lap. Oh my god Maria, you are too much.

    Not to mention I love this idea and your suggested baskets are giving me great ideas for my mom and hubster, who is strangely obsessed with lemon. He adores the scent of it, so it looks like he's getting a yellow basket soon. xx

  4. This looks great Maria, Im sure she will love it. They do some brilliant toiletries in T K Maxx for a fabulous price dont they? We (OH and I) love that shop!

  5. I'll have a book lovers basket I think. What a great idea to make gift a extra special.

  6. TK is indeed a good store! That soap and pamper basket looks lovely and perfect for my MiL as well... A great idea I will steal on the spot! But for me nothing beats the book lovers basket. Dream! xx

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