Thursday 21 August 2014

Influences: Gold

I was looking for a birthday card for the Lumberjack's Mum the other day, and fell in love with this beautiful card.  It got me thinking about how much I've been loving gold accents lately.

I'm not sure how this happened as I've always been very much a "silver person".  I wear silver jewellery and throughout my life I've always preferred silver to gold; I've never been that keen on gold at all.  However, over the last few months/years (I forget how long, time passes so quickly!) I've found myself loving the warm lively effect that gold accents can give.  I've seen it used so beautifully in homes on so many blogs.  It makes me question how influenced I am by the current trends.  It seems that as gold became popular and on trend, I've gradually started to like it.  Does continued exposure to something cause it to seep into our brains and our tastes until we end up liking it despite ourselves?!

I've never been a person to like something just because it's fashionable or trendy - it seems crazy to dress or decorate your home in a certain way just because it's on trend, when it may not even be to your personal taste.  But I have noticed that sometimes my opinions change and I start to like these things I keep seeing around me.  Am I that suggestible?!  Do you find your tastes changing along with the current trends?  (Not all of them of course - there are some that I'll never come around to!)

Well, I guess that if I like, I like it, and it doesn't really matter why!  Just go with the flow, eh?  (Although, I am fighting it - it feels like I'd be cheating on silver!!!)

Maybe I should give gold a go and see whether I can bring some gold accents into my home.  I'm not quite sure how, though!  (You can see I've been playing around with the few goldy items I have!)  I wouldn't want to get rid of all my silver coloured bits and they feature quite a lot - handles on things, lamp stands, etc.  What do you think, can you have gold and silver together or would it look wrong?  (I don't know why I'm so cautious about it - I guess it's because it's something I've not tried before!)

If anyone has any pearls of wisdom, I would be grateful to hear them!


  1. Gold and silver can go together as far as I am concerned - silver jewellery and gold wedding rings for example? I don't follow fashion, but tastes change as we see and experience new things and as we get older, so perhaps it is just your time to give a few touches of gold here and there a go. The silver won't mind! xx

  2. I agree with Amy - mixing gold and silver definitely go together. How about a few simple touches such as picture frames, as it could give you the confidence to add more if you like the effect. Certainly in jewellery, mixing silver, gold and rose gold seems to be the done thing at the moment. Give it a go!
    Best wishes

  3. We. Are like twins. For years I hated gold. When I was younger, when I was a teenager, even up to when we got married ("I'm not getting a gold ring! You can, but I'm not", and he did! Our rings don't match, but we're cool with it. I guess we're effortlessly trendy like that). But there's something about the past couple of years that I've gone coo-coo for gold. Well, I should say, I always did like the gold detail on my old books, but other than that? It was naff. But now, gimmie.

    Did the card ever make it to Lumberjack's mom? Looks like you have a firm grip on it! ;) xx A

  4. Mix and match! Go for a bit of gold! I found a brass heart at a flee-market this summer. First thing of goldy colour in my home. Works well with the cold and frosty we normally have. Also I love the card! And Albi loves the butterfly! xx


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