Saturday 21 June 2014

Rocky Road

I felt like a naughty chocolatey treat and making some rocky road seemed like the perfect solution.

I had to work fast, as the sun was beating down on that chocolate!  (If I'd taken more time I would have probably cleaned up the chocolate smears on the plate - but I didn't notice them at the time - I'll never make a professional photographer!)

The recipe was from a book my dear friend Anna gave me as a house-warming present...

Peggy Porschen's Boutique Baking, recipe "Chocolate Crunch Cake with Marshmallows and Pistachios".  "Rocky Road" was a snappier post name, though!  Also, I skipped the pistachios and the hazelnuts that the recipe called for.  I popped to the local shop to get the bits I needed, and I'd have had to remortgage the house to afford the nuts at those prices!!  I'm not that keen on nuts, so I'm happy anyway.

I made it last night, and the Lumberjack and I had a piece each in bed this morning with a cup of tea - how decadent!!  That's my kind of breakfast!

I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather!


  1. A lovely decadent breakfast indeed!! Pistachios can be crazily expensive can't they, but peanuts - salted or not - work really well in rocky road if you ever do want to add some nuts. Happy chocolate!! xx

  2. I'll have that breakfast any day! Glad the book is of use! And what a lovely day.. Also I was gonna tell you - I think they said on the radio there is an Oxfordshire Lumberjack competition...I might have missheard but fun if there is one! xx

  3. That cookbook is on my Wish List, looks like it's a good purchase! Yum - that looks like a perfect start to the day! Chrissie xxx

  4. Oh yum I love rocky road. It sounds like a perfect breakfast too!
    Marianne x

  5. OOh I love Rocky Road and yours looks gorgeously tempting displayed on such a pretty plate. I must get that book for my baking enthusiast daughter so she'll make me some! Alison xx

  6. Sounds like my sort of breakfast! xx

  7. Love the new header!!! xxx

  8. This is just what I need to see on a Tuesday morning! Ugh, this looks so delicious M-Dog. I'm trying to be so good as we're going away next week = skimpy clothes and tiny women will be decking the cruise and all I want to do is roll around in cake and bathe in wine.

    p.s. I so want to come around and stay in your B&B. It would be such fun and I'd swoon at all your adorable designs. And then we'd talk smack for 6 hours. xx


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