Sunday 1 June 2014

Crochet Bracelet

Good day!  Thanks for the lovely comments on the crochet baby blankets in my last post!

I needed a quick crafting fix this weekend, something I actually stood a chance of finishing... so I had a go at a pretty idea I'd pinned ages ago (40 weeks ago according to Pinterest).

I found the idea and pattern here - thanks to Claire at Haken en Meer!  I think I just about followed the instructions, using Google Translate - it seems to have worked.  I created a loop with the button on, instead of sewing it straight to the band.  Nothing to do with the fact I made the band too short... of course not... ahem...

I love it, and it's so comfortable to wear!  Sometimes normal bracelets get on my nerves, clinking and clunking against everything - especially on the desk at work.  This is all soft and you don't notice you're wearing it.  The colours are so cheerful and spring-like too!

I used King Cole Bamboo Cotton for the pink and mint colours.  The yellow is some left over King Cole Smooth from my Mum.

I'm very pleased I actually got round to making something I'd pinned, a rare occurrence!

I've been trying to get everything organised in the craft room, but it's slow going.  I'm not trying very hard to be honest, I'm a lazy so-and-so.  I look at all the mess and think "why have I got all this?!"  I have decided that I will not buy any more crafting supplies unless they are for a specific project that I am just about to embark on (not one I might do one day).  No more, "oooh that fabric is pretty, I must have it!"; no more "well, it's such a bargain, I'm sure it will come in use one day!"  My first port of call will be my current supplies - if I can use what I've got, then I will.  The exceptions will probably be when I finally embark on my clothes sewing activities, when I expect I'll have to go out and buy most of the bits I'll need for an item.  If I haven't got the right fabric already, I don't want to make do, as I'll end up not wearing what I make.  I want to ensure I make clothes that will actually be worn!

Before I go, I will show you the only bit of the craft room I've sorted... a ribbon and washi tape drawer!

I'm quite excited by it.  I called the Lumberjack enthusiastically, "Come here!  Come and see what I've done!!"  His response from the doorway: "What?  Put some stuff in a drawer?"



  1. Seeing you're ribbon draw made my heart sing. like you my crafting shed is a mess at the mo, the only thing I've sorted is the ribbons. Love the braclet it's so pretty.
    Clare x

  2. Beautiful bracelet. Love it. My craft room keeps getting piled higher and higher with 'stuff'. I really need to get down and sort it out, x

  3. Congratulations on that very neat drawer! (There, show that to the Lumberjack, I know I would have a similar response from my hubby!) I am so with you on the craft organising - stuff is everywhere, but how booooring to sort it again and again? We need an organising club, where we meet up at each house and help sort it all out, then the next month at the next house, of course with lots of tea and cake...I may be on to something here? Anyway, I love your little bracelet! It is so sweet! Looks like a fun and quick make...Chrissie xxx

  4. I love the bracelet - another on the long list of reasons why I wish I could crochet.

  5. My hubby would have probably given a similar response to your Lumberjack! Assuming that could have dragged himself to come and look that is. I think that your ribbons and tapes all look very nice together and will surely be more inspiring if you can see and get to what you have. I hope that you have fun making things whilst shopping from your own store at home! xx

  6. Hi Maria
    Just popped over from my new friend Dorothy's Room. I love your crochet bracelet! Glad to hear someone else say they get annoyed with bracelets clunking around the wrist especially on the desk at work. Haven't done any crochet for a while but I think I may have a go at this. Your ribbon drawer is so organised, lovely when you can see exactly what haberdashery you have to choose from! Alison xx

  7. That's the very reason I don't wear bracelets! They're so bloody loud and clunky when I'm at my desk. Your bracelet is just plain adora-balls.

    Now that I know what you sound like, when I read your blog I can hear your voice in my head!!! It is both lovely and deeply disturbing. Just like you ;)

    I hope you and Lumberjack are enjoying yourselves! The weather has been horrific here in Dublin you'll be glad to hear. Lucky duck.

    xx A


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