Wednesday 12 March 2014

Bits and Pieces

Thanks for the lovely positive comments on my new kitchen - I really appreciate them!  It's great to hear such nice feedback.

There has been a serious lack of craftiness on this blog lately, so I am glad to say I've picked up my hook again, and got back to work on my cotton stripy blanket:

It's coming along nicely!  I've also been pretty good at sewing my ends in as I go (apart from those few you can see that I need to get onto before they build up too much).

I've been doing a bit of baking too (in my fancy new kitchen!  Let me tell you, that oven works so much better than the ancient one we had!).

Banana bread using this recipe - I heartily recommend it!  (Can you see the steam coming out of the mug of tea?  Love that!)

While unpacking some bits into the new kitchen (did I mention I have a new kitchen?!) I came across these colourful silicone cake cases and thought I'd take a cheery picture of them:

I find myself a bit confused by silicone cases - are you meant to bake and serve the cakes in them?  Are they instead of paper cases, or do you use both?  It's a mystery to me really - but they are pretty!

We also had a visit to the garden centre on Sunday, and picked up some seeds for our garden:

We need to get on with the garden this year, as we didn't touch it last summer when we moved in.  To be honest, I'm not green-fingered, so the Lumberjack will be running the garden project!  (I'm more interested in laying in the sun admiring the new flowers, so fingers crossed that will be possible this summer!)

Talking of our garden, there are loads of daffodils flowering which is so cheery.  Enough that we could pick a few for the house!  I'm looking forward the the tulips flowering next!

A bit of a random post of bits and pieces... until next time...


  1. I'm a new reader/follower and I think your kitchen is beautiful. I love all the random happy things in this post, just the sort of stuff I like too. :)

  2. All of your random things are lovely!! Just a lot of pretty and happy that is so nice to see and share from time to time! I have no idea about the silicone cases either, I don't have any for that very reason!! xx

  3. Your bananabread picture looks like something from a decor magazine. Lovely. Also what is the little bird bowl? We also have daffodils like never before. Beautiful! xx

  4. Love your blanket. I've decided to start a ripple blanket, not sure if I'm being too ambitious. Loving all your other pics, everything looks so bright and springlike. Oh, of have a new kitchen, lol, x


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