Sunday 12 May 2013


Yep, you got it - I'm buying a house!

Contracts were exchanged during the week, on the sale of my flat and the purchase of the new house, and this Friday (17th) the move will hopefully happen!!  (Unless anything goes horribly wrong...)

There is some work to be done on the new house, including the installation of gas central heating and lots of redecoration - I will be sure to show before and after shots as things progress!

Here is a little taster of one of the rooms needing a transformation...


I'm going to miss my little flat, it has been a lovely home for the last 7 years, but I'm very excited about the new house!

Well, can't sit around blogging all day - I've got a flat to pack up!  See you on the flip side!!!!


  1. How exciting for your both, well done. Looking forward to watching the transformation. :o)

  2. Good luck with your moving plans!

  3. Yes, you will miss your lovely flat, but you're moving into a HOUSE! So excited for you two and well jealous :)

    I see an awesome spare bedroom / craft room in the cards ...

  4. Good luck with the move! Looking forward to seeing the 'after' pics!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  5. eeee!! How exciting! Good luck with the move Maria xx

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