Saturday 4 May 2013


Hi everyone, and thanks as always for the lovely comments!

Things have been very busy lately, and I've not had much time for crafting.  Although, I have been fitting in some wedding stuff for my sister-in-law's sister's upcoming wedding.  Here is a glimpse of one thing...

I'll show you the finished item after the wedding at the end of this month!

Last weekend I was in Marbella for the hen do... here is a shot of my sis-in-law and me enjoying some delicious cocktails!

Much fun was had!  (And that white dress was dyed pink by the end of the night - courtesy of the feather boa...!!!)

And for a touch more crafting, here is a little practical something I did the other month...

These are ribbon (and button) hanging loops I added to the two hand towels I use in the kitchen, so they could be hung up more easily.  I know... thrilling stuff!  ;o)

Changes are afoot in my life at the moment (well, one big change) - related to my 2013 goals.  I'm sure you can figure out which one it is!  I'll let you know more when things are definite, but this is why my crafting and blogging have been suffering lately.

Until next time...


  1. My gosh you have been busy! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, make sure you rest up a little ;) I love the "love" at the start... excited to see more. Hazel x

  2. Oh I love your new hanging loops! I've been wanting to do that very thing for months. I even have some cute ribbon lined up for it too. Yours are extra cute with the buttons too.

    I'm going to take a guess and say your crazy-business is due to a large purchase? If it is - congratulations! I am incredibly jealous of you and lumberjack. I've wanted to own a home of our own for aaages. So we {... I} can do whatever I like to it. Oh I do hope you've taken some 'before' pictures of each room. That is, if I am right in my guessing. Otherwise that wouldn't make sense.

    p.s. I wish I had someone as creative as you on my side when I was organizing our wedding! Ugh, jealous.

    xx A

  3. Good luck with your 'change' - I'm hoping for you that you've sold your flat and are getting ready to move. Sounds all very exciting and with your sister-in-law's wedding approaching you have lots of fun things ahead! Wonderful! take care, Sam xx

  4. That stitching looks beautiful!! I am currently working on some embroidery but I'm quite new to it so it's all a bit experimental at the moment, have you just used 1 or 2 strands of thread? It looks so beautiful and delicate.

    Your big change sounds exciting!

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