Tuesday 11 September 2012

Swedish Chocolate Balls... Yum!

Look at these delights I've made...

They are Swedish Chocolate Balls, made with a recipe my Swedish friend Anna gave me ages ago - so tasty!  (Thanks yet again Anna!)  You probably can't tell from the picture, but they're rolled in little mini chocolate flakey thingies (so descriptive) to coat the balls.  You can roll them in whatever you like - chocolate sugar strands, coconut... whatever your heart desires!  The reason there are only six in the picture, is that I didn't have much of the "little mini chocolate flakey thingies" so only had enough to roll six balls in.  Therefore the rest of the mixture I left in the bowl in the fridge, and I just munch it with a spoon out of the bowl - yes, that's the kind of girl I am!!  ;o)

In crocheting news, thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement on my last post.  I have fallen somewhat behind in my 'one a day' challenge (who's surprised?!) - I'm about 3 or 4 squares behind.  Still catch-up-able, though... we'll see!  Although, as my friend Anna (of aforementioned 'chocolate ball' fame, and also the person who taught me to crochet - oh, what a positive impact she's had on my life!) says, it's not homework - if I want to put it down and start something else I can!  But I have just completed square number 41 of 81 - so half a square over the half-way mark - woohoo!

Here is something I made ages ago, but hadn't got round to posting about...

It's a tuna-tin cover (inspiration from Lucy at Attic24 - I'm sure you all saw her post ages ago)  The reason I hadn't posted about it is that I planned to make a few - but that didn't happen...

In case you're wondering what's inside that odd little flower pot thingy, they are cactuses the Lumberjack and I have been trying to grow from seed since about March time.  (Well, mainly him - as I kill all plants that have the misfortune to enter my presence!  That plant in the background of the first tuna-tin picture is his too, although lives at my flat - it's an orange tree... oh, exotic!  As far as I can tell, it hasn't changed one little bit in about six months, but what do I know?  I'm just grateful I haven't killed it off in the days when I'm left alone with it..!)

Not sure if you can make them out - there are about 8 or 9 cactuses in there I think.  Probably too many for the pot if they all actually survive!

Enough from me... I've been a bit waffley today!


  1. Oh I have not made the balls in a long time. Think they are an excellent autumn-treat! Looks extra yummy with extra chocolate on... good thinking! And thanks for kind words! You made my day! xx

  2. I am also a house plant killer - and I can't for the life of my figure out what I'm doing wrong! Well done on the babby cacti. They look so cute and possibly soft? You have surpassed me - I managed to kill a cactus. Oh dear.

  3. Delicious chocolatey makes! Just popped in to tell you that you are one of the winners in my giveaway!!
    Congratulations :)
    Helen x

    I hope you have a happy weekend
    Ella xxx


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