Thursday 16 August 2012

Crochet Rose Brooch - Ta-Dah!

Thanks for all the shawlette love - I always enjoy reading your comments!  Well... the crocheted brooch has been made.  As Kandi said... what better excuse to make a crocheted flower!

Here it is, made and ready for me to sew on the felt circle back, with brooch pin...

Taken in the evening with the light on - so the colours aren't quite accurate here. 

Close up, pinned onto the shawlette...

I made the rose with every last little bit of the blue shawl yarn... then ended with the pink to provide some contrast.  The aim was to see blue and pink throughout the rose - although most of the blue is hiding, except the middle bit.  I'm still happy with it, though.

I've spared you from having to endure any more pictures of me in the shawl - I think my last post had enough!  (Also my cameraman wasn't around, so I stuck with shoving it on an old hanger and photographing it myself!)  When I see other people photo their lovely items on hangers, they always have sophisticated wooden ones.  This one is an ancient New Look one, gone all yellowed with age!  I just can't do classy!

The pattern for the rose is here, although I didn't quite follow it, due to yarn constraints!  I did row 1 and most of 2 in the blue (before the yarn ran out).  I finished row 2 in the pink and did most of row 3.  I didn't complete row 3, as I wanted to have a blue middle to the rose.  Therefore the blue middle bit is only 2 rows high.  (I did what I could with what I had!)

So, there you have it!  The brooch can be my 2nd Monthly Make for August.

Bye for now...


  1. Looks great - well done you!

  2. Real nice, love the shawl too & I think the hanger is dead classy :)
    Karen x

  3. I love your rose. I so wish I could crochet. I am liking your needlecase too! Sue x

  4. Just perfect!
    I think I may make one for a sort-of-cardigan/wrap-thingy I have.
    Such a lovely idea!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. It looks great and really finishes it off nicely. I love the choice of colours they really complement each other. Good job my lovely and honestly we don't mind seeing you posing in your little shawlette, in fact I thought your modelling attempts were pretty good, better than I could have done that's for sure x x x x

  6. The shawl is even better with the flower it will make you look cool (:
    I think you have got great skills
    Have a fabulous weekend
    Ella Xx

  7. Wow you clever thing, it's beautiful and finished off that beautiful garment perfectly! I'm gonna pin this and make one of those flowers (someday!) xx

  8. Your brooch is beautiful and finishes your shawl perfectly. I think it looks very pretty on the hanger, but much better on you!
    Becky x

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