Monday 2 July 2012

Random Unconnected Makes, and Fabric!

Well, I've got a few different things to show you today!  First is a felt heart hanger I've made for a new baby girl, whose name begins with E:

Excuse the bad lighting.

I'd previously made the same thing for her big sister, in a different colourway, which I've blogged about before, so now they've got one each:

The Lumberjack and I went to Somerset on Saturday, and popped to Bristol Ikea on the way back, where I bought some fabric!  I'd seen some lovely Rosali fabric on Sew Ray Me's blog, and was keen to have some myself.  I wanted it in both the blue and the white, but they only had the white.  Then... would you believe it... the Lumberjack persuaded me to get the polka-dot fabric too!  I was ready to leave with just my bit of Rosali.  (What a man!)

I think they both go well with the green fabric I bought fairly recently:

Not actually sure what to make with them - I really should start using up some of my stash!

Not only that - but I've been struggling to find an outfit for a wedding I'm going to.  Well, as we were passing Cribbs Causeway (big shopping mall in Bristol) on our way to Somerset, the Lumberjack suggested we pop into John Lewis and have a look for a dress for me - who is this man?!  (I was given a strict one hour time slot, as we needed to get to his Gran's house.  Not to mention that the thought of spending any longer in a shopping mall is his idea of hell!).  We found a lovely royal blue dress, ivory fascinator, and this bag reduced from £22 to £6.50 - bargain!!

It's meant to look gathered and scrunched!

It matches the dress perfectly, and I've already got ivory shoes and an ivory wrap which match the ivory fascinator.  I thought I'd add a little something handmade to the bag to bring the ivory into play...

It's a brooch which can be pinned to the front of the bag, made with royal blue satiny material, ivory voiley type material (not sure what you call it!) and little pearly beads that I clustered together.

I had everything I needed to make the brooch, so it cost me nothing other than my time.  I can't believe how well the blue fabric matches the bag - a stroke of luck!

The back (obviously)

This has been a rather unconnected post - perhaps I should have split it into different posts, but I thought I'd throw it all into one, with gay abandon!


  1. Oh dear, I am constantly being told I'm a bad influence (on Twitter) for 'making' people buy fabric!!! Oops!!

    The green one you showed off - I've just taken delivery of it in the red and white colourway! You should check out Sew La La Fabrics if you haven't already, she has some gorgeous stuff and service is fab!

    Oops, there I go again...encouraging you to buy fabric ;)

  2. I'm off ot Ikea in a few weeks for 'sensible' things but I have planned a quick raid on the fabric department as well!

    Love your hearts, they are so cute and your flower looks perfect on your bag


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