Saturday 7 July 2012

Mini Heart Bunting

Another long-awaited WIP has been finished - and really there was no excuse for taking so long with this one!  These little hearts are so quick to make - then it's simply stringing them together with a crochet chain.

The pattern is from Julia Crossland's blog.  She's got some great free patterns and tutorials here.  If you open the Free Crochet Pattern E-Book you will find the instructions for 'Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting'.  They are really fun to make, and so pretty!

I've strung them across my living room window.  A bit difficult to photograph with the light coming from outside - but I've tried!

You could be mistaken in thinking I live in the middle of woodland with all this greenery outside the window!  In reality I'm in a one bed flat, in a town, with a bunch of trees and bushes out the back, blocking most of the light - hence my often dingy photos!  Although, there are worse views than green leaves.  (I shouldn't be mentioning this, because once the Lumberjack reads this it'll set him off on his usual rant that these bushes/trees aren't being managed and maintained properly.  Then he'll start threatening to get out there with his chainsaw and tidy the whole lot up!!!)

I also forgot to mention the other day that I finally got a frame from Ikea for the Caroline Rose print I ordered quite a while back:

Love it!  (Propped up on my pretty pink spotty sewing box!)  It's now hung on the wall and looking lovely.  Makes me smile whenever I look at it!  :o)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Very cute bunting, indeed.
    And I love your leafy view too!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. That print is gorgeous, so bright and colourful! Your bunting is so sweet too xxx

  3. I love that dinky heart bunting, I could do with some of that. x

  4. Such pretty bunting, I love bunting and if I ever manage to learn to crochet I shall be making some myself

  5. Lovely! I find them very addictive to make. And they are soooo pretty! Just what you need to brighten your day!



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