Wednesday 16 May 2012

Tilda Mini-Quilt Runner Ta-Dah!!

I have been working hard with the Tilda Charm Pack I showed you in my last post.  Trying something new to me... a bit of patchwork quilting!

I didn't really take any pictures along the way, but I picked 15 of the 20 charms, and sewed them together in a 3 x 5 rectangle.  I then put wadding and a plain pink backing behind them, and quilted them together (on the machine) along the stitch lines between the squares.  Stitching in the ditch I believe it's called!  (Or attempting to, anyway - there were a few wobbles, but not too bad on the whole).

That was pretty scary doing the quilting part - worrying I was going to ruin it all!

Then I cut and joined a couple of strips of pale pink polka-dot material to make the binding (after much research on the internet, as I didn't have a clue what I was doing!)  It all seemed very tricky and I did a fair bit of searching for some kind of cheat's way - but in the end just went for what seemed to be the proper way of binding.

I machine sewed it to the front, then hand-sewed the back of the binding - here I am above, part way through the hand sewing.  (I did trim back the wadding before doing each side).

After all my reluctance over the binding, I actually really enjoyed it!  So satisfying, and not as tricky as I thought.  Here is a nice little corner above!

I even like the look of the back of the quilt - it looks all cosy and squishy...

The binding was hand-sewn at the back, and it was really nice and relaxing to do.  Looks pretty neat I think!

The finished item is a little matt/runner for my coffee table... ta-dah!!

I love it!  The only bit that annoys me is where I've kind of pulled it a bit while doing one of the vertical quilting lines, so a couple of the squares seem to be pulling towards the top.  It is irritating, but I'm hoping it's not too noticeable, and am trying to remind myself that this is my first attempt at quilting!

So, there you have it!!  This is my May Monthly Make, and also part of me making a Pretty Crafty Home!  (See side-bar for these).

Oh, and I've been given an award - more about that next time, as I really should be getting ready for work, not faffing about doing blog posts!!!)


  1. You've done a fab job Maria! Well done with the binding, that's the bit that always puts me off starting any kind of quilty patchwork :D I do love the Tilda fabrics you've chosen, they are some of my favourite prints. Hope you have a good day at work! Jenny x

  2. I love what you have made! I have the same charm pack so will def have to give that a go (another for my to do list!) It is really lovely, well done x Sue x

  3. It looks gorgeous, well done on using the charm pack! You did such a wonderful job, the binding looks great.

  4. It looks brilliant, even more so for your 1st attempt.... the binding is fantastic :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. So so pretty - wish I could sew!
    Victoria xx

  6. Ooooo, me likey!
    This looks really lovely and what a brillo job you've done. I would never have guessed this was your first attempt.
    I think every table could be improved by a little mat like this!
    Have a great week.

  7. It's beautiful you clever thing. It's good to make little mistakes along the way, you will learn from them and only you will notice anyway. I do love the tilda fabric I have been thinking of attempting a Tilda angel I just love her stuff.
    Kandi x

  8. Looks lovely and I love the tilda colours. I think its much better using a charm pack than having to cut out yourself (something else to go wrong). Your corners on the basting are great, much better than my first effort.

  9. I just love those fabrics, they are all so petty together. Your quilted table runner is beautiful and I know how well made it is - I have experienced your work first hand! How you get your hand stitches so perfectly even I will never know!
    Becky x

  10. Did you use a walking foot?

    1. I just used the normal foot that came with the machine - maybe there was a better foot to use?

    2. I just used the normal foot that came with the machine - maybe there was a better foot to use?


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