Monday 20 February 2012

February Make 2

Thanks for the nice comments on my last post!  And welcome to new followers!

Here is my second February make... a gift for my baby nephew.  Another homemade gift for the poor boy!!

What is it...?  A bowling pin with arms?!

Hold on...

It's a rabbit!!  But where's his face?!

Here it is!

The knitting part of this all went rather smoothly... but sewing the fabric to the ears and feet I found a bit more tricky.  I sewed them right-sides together on the machine, then had to try to turn them the right way round through a tiny gap - very fiddly!  (Admittedly, I could have just left a bigger gap but then the hand-sewing of the fabric to the knitting was tricky too, and sewing them to the body).  By the time that was all done, I'd had enough - but there was only the face to embroider... surely that wouldn't take long......  hhhmmmmnnnn!!!!!

I just couldn't get it right - I kept embroidering different faces on, and having to unpick them!  This was the 5th face - 2 days after finishing the rest of the rabbit!  I had to keep 'sleeping on it' and approaching it again the next day!  I'm finally pleased with this one!  I think I can safely say this is not going to be a project that I will ever repeat!!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! The fabric looks fab! Well done. The face is very cute too! Sue x

  2. Aw bless, so cute!
    Isn't it funny how long some little jobs take (like sewing on faces). Well, not funny. Actually very annoying.
    Love him, though.

  3. Ohh so sweet! I know a bunny lover who would love one of those!:)x

  4. He is lovely and so worth the persverence x x x x

  5. Looks so cute, I would never be able to create something like that! I bet it will be well-loved x

  6. So very cute, and such an adorable expression

  7. Awe well he is perfect now! Such a cute little bunny! xxx

  8. It seems a shame not to make another one, he's soooo cute!(but I know what you mean, fiddly things like that can drive you mad!)


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