Thursday 12 January 2012

Paw Huggers Ta-Dah!

What on earth?!  Another ta-dah?!  How am I fitting all this crafting in, as well as the day job?!  Anyone would think I am fervently avoiding something... like... perhaps getting my CV done and starting job searching...?!

Back in June last year it was announced that our site is closing, and we're all being made redundant.  It has been a long slow process, and I've been merrily living in denial... but my end date is 31st March, so I really need to get my bum in gear and my CV up-to-date.  However, I have instead been focussing on crafting... hehehe bad girl!

This is my latest ta-dah:

It's a fingerless glove, or 'paw hugger' as the pattern calls it.

You may remember that for my birthday the Lumberjack gave me the yarn and pattern for this - read more about it here.

Here is the yarn, and the start of my making:

It was my first attempt with double-pointed needles, working in the round like that.  It was also the first time I tried cable knitting (which I loved - hence the cable cowl I ta-dahed a couple of posts back!)

Well, the making of the gloves came to a bit of a halt when I had to do the frill, as you knit it onto the bottom of the finished glove - and I didn't know how to do that.  An in-depth phone conversation with my Mum revealed all, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  So the gloves are now finished - yay!

I have made both gloves, but as I had to take the photo, at least one hand had to be on the camera!  (There is no self-timer watchamacallit thingy on my camera).  The trials of living alone - no-one to take pictures for you!  (And if I listen to my Granny, I'll be living alone until I'm engaged!  When I told her about the Lumberjack over Christmas, her words of wisdom were "don't move him in until you're engaged" - !!!!  She makes it sound like I "move men in" left, right and centre!!  It amused me anyway!)

But wait... what is this...

How did I manage those peculiar pictures?!  My camera was sat on the carpet, with me and my oddly posed hands in front of it... I then nimbly lifted my foot and pressed the button on the camera with my big toe!!!!!!!!!  Nifty eh?!  Oh, my talents are wasted!

Until next time..........!


  1. Hey - that's something you can out in your CV! 'Can model gloves, jewellery... whilst operating a camera' - love it!
    They are so pretty - missed your birthday post but I can see that is rather special yarn from your special chap. Very clever cable work, never tried it and I'm not sure I would master it so I shall just enjoy yours I think.
    Becky x

  2. A very amusing blog Maria!!! I love the gloves, the frill really adds quality to them, well done.

    Looking forward to seeing them in real life.

    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. These are lovely and so girls,well done..

  4. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for flagging this up on my blog. You have done so well to make them. Belinda, who made the pattern for me will also be really pleased so I'm forwarding your blog link to her as well.
    My cashmere goats who made the wool for you, are all looking very full of this year's crop. We shall be combing them, in Feb if this mild weather keeps up! Keep on with your knitting. You're doing brilliantly!

  5. Very impressed! They are delightful. I have yet to use dpn's I did try last year and had a little temper tantrum and put them away!
    I am imagining you in a pose from the game twister whilst photographing those, oh imagine if you had been seen :0)
    Kandi x

  6. Hehe you are definitely multi-talented Maria!!! Cute gloves, they look really great :) well done! Haha what are grannies like eh?? Glad things are going well with your guy tho! xxx

  7. Hey hey ... Lesley of Devon Fine Fibre told me about you. I designed the Luxy Gloves (originally called Paw Huggers - :0) - they look fab in the her hand-dyed cashmere. Please look at our site - - big hug
    Belinda xxx

  8. I love love love love love theses! they are just fabulous Maria! I have never been able to knit, I envy your talent! lol Well done you. xxx

  9. Great post, very funny it did make me chuckle. The gloves are gorgeous, the colour is lovely and I love the frilly bit round the wrist, very pretty indeed x x x x

  10. Ha ha! It's yoga and photography all rolled into one! I just said in my latest post that I can confess things like crawling around on the floor taking pictures of blankets to my blog buddies, but not to my real-life friends because I know you all understand - and you've just proved my point!
    Love the paw-huggers and love the name of them too!
    Emily x

  11. Ha ha... lovely bloggy post! What a picture that conjured up in my brain! The Paw-huggers are gorgeous on both hands!:)x

  12. Oh my goodness
    What amazing wrist warmers they are so pretty, fantastic,Beautiful oh i never knew you could make these they are so pretty :D
    Love from
    P.s My wns it the woman who owns it is my Mommmy

  13. Pretty gloves and I particularly like the way in which some were taken! I just having the 'how do I take a picture of my own hands' problem myself the other day. Not sure I'm nimble enough for your solution though!

    Thanks so much for joining in the PCH project. I've added you link to my site and I've come to wish you good luck! Hope you have fun with it!

    S x


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