Saturday 7 January 2012

Cowl Ta-Dah!!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my monkey ta-dah!  I forgot to mention where I got the pattern from (not sure where my brain is these days!)... here it is:  Monkey Pattern.  I didn't bother with changing colours to make the clothes, though - I decided I wanted him one colour... or naked, I guess!!

Yep, this is another ta-dah!  Haven't I been productive?!  Over my birthday and Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive two copies of the book 'Cute and Easy Crochet' from some lovely people... so I swapped one of them in Hobbycraft for some balls of yarn in the sale!

This is what I've made with one ball of Rowan pure wool aran:

It is a cowl knitted in a cable pattern, with these lovely wooden 8mm knitting needles:

And this is how the cowl looks on...!

I look like such a poser!!

It was quite quick to knit up, as it is in chunky yarn on big knitting needles.  I was originally going to make a bigger loop that I could double round my neck.  In the end I decided to stop when it was big enough for just once round, as I thought it would be easier to wear.  I sometimes get annoyed if I've got too much going on around my neck!!  (Weirdo!)  The fact that it was finished quicker didn't hurt either!

The pattern I used was from here.  This attempt went much more successfully than the failed one I tried to crochet a while back, which some of you may remember!

Oh, and look at these beautiful roses from the Lumberjack!!

More brownie points for him!!!


  1. Thats beautiful I will have to bookmark this to make at some point in the future. Your photos are gorgeous too!
    Kandi xx

  2. Gorgeous cowl! I have some similar yarn and might have to make this as it looks really warm and cosy.

    Ashley xxx

  3. Oh that is are very photogenic! :)x

  4. Thats a beautiful cowl, so much nicer handmade..Love those needles too.
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  5. So very pretty and you sure are fast! Two months have gone by and I haven't finish my scarf. XD

  6. How beautiful! I love the needles...I want some, where did you find those?
    The roses are beautiful as well.

  7. What a beautiful cowl! And thanks for sharing the pattern, maybe I'll use it when all my other crocheting and knitting things on my to do list are ready :-)!

  8. Those needles are fab! The cowl looks lovely, the colour is great. Hope you had a lovely birthday and Christmas! Katie x


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