Tuesday 22 March 2011

Lingerie Bags and Mysterious Craft Sessions...

My friend spotted a notice for a craft session tonight, involving buttons.  It is all very mysterious, as there wasn’t much information on the notice, but we gather that we will be using buttons to make some form of jewellery – not quite sure what!  I will report back tomorrow with more details, and there may even be a picture of an exciting ‘buttony’ creation if all goes well!

In the meantime, for no particular reason, here is a picture of a pair of co-ordinating lingerie bags I designed and made for my sister-in-law for Christmas 2009.  A while ago now, but that's no reason to forget them!

These probably took me longer to make than they should have done, because I’m a bit of a slow crafter as it is, and I also insisted on lining them.  It’s more satisfying to look inside and see no raw edges, just nice neatness!  You can see the contrasting lining showing in the picture below.

My sister-in-law loves going on holiday, so they've been on a few adventures in exotic locations!  Lucky them!

Right – time to go and play with buttons...

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