Tuesday 19 December 2023

Fabric Reusable Crackers

I'm so pleased with this creation!  I was inspired by Happy Crackers to make my own versions!

Reusable Fabric Crackers

I bought some cardboard tube containers with lids to fill with cracker goodies and form the middle of the crackers.

Reusable Fabric Crackers

I then made lined fabric rectangles with ribbon trims to wrap around the crackers.

Reusable Fabric Crackers

And tied them all with big thick bows!

Reusable Fabric Crackers

The measurements I used were:

Lining and Main Fabric - 45cm long x 27cm wide.

You could go a bit wider, but I was limited by the size of the fabric I had.  After sewing on the ribbon trim, I sewed the lining and main fabric together (right sides together) with a half inch seam allowance at the top and bottom, and a 1cm seam allowance down the sides (to get a bit more width out of the fabric).  (Yes, switching wildly between imperial and metric measurements!!)  I left a gap for turning the right way round, pressed and sewed the gap by hand.

Ribbons - 1cm and 2.5cm satin ribbons.

I sewed one length of 1cm ribbon 1 inch down from the top then left a 0.5cm gap then sewed another length of 1cm ribbon.  I did this at the top and the bottom on the main fabric, before I sewed it to the lining.

I used the 2.5cm ribbon to tie bows at the top and bottom, once the fabric rectangle was wrapped around the inner tube container.  (I think my ribbon was 85cm long for the bows - I don't want to untie them to check!)

Reusable Fabric Crackers

Inside I have put cracker jokes I printed out, small gifts, a chocolate and a party popper!  You open the cracker by unwrapping rather than pulling, so you can't use a cracker snap.  Therefore the party poppers provide the bang element!

Reusable Fabric Crackers

I hope you like them - I love them!  Let me know what you think!

Merry Christmas!

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