Sunday 7 January 2018

Extreme Knitting!

Rob is very good at present buying, and one of my Christmas gifts was a massive ball of unspun merino.  I was so surprised, as I didn't think he even knew about such yarn!

Make gorgeous squishy hand knitting with epic extreme unspun merino wool!

He bought this epic extreme yarn.  I'd not heard of this company - I don't know how he found them, or even thought of this as a present!

I couldn't wait to get started...

Make gorgeous squishy hand knitting with epic extreme unspun merino wool!

I found a youtube tutorial online for hand-knitting - it's so easy!  You don't use needles or anything, just pull up the loops and leave them as you work, as you can see above.

I used 7 stitches across, and just kept knitting until the yarn was finished...

Make gorgeous squishy hand knitting with epic extreme unspun merino wool!

You can see my knees here, to give an idea of scale.

It's so squishy and soft and snuggly - I love it!

I'm not sure what to do with it now, though.  I'm thinking a big chunky cushion, which would mean...

1) I'd need to buy another ball for the back (this one was 500g) - perhaps a different colour like bright pink might be fun!  I could then have the cushion either way round, depending on my mood.

2) Or I could make a fabric cushion cover and sew the chunky knit to the front.  I'm not quite sure how I'd sew it on, though, any tips??

Let me know what you guys think - which option do you think would be best?  And what do you think of my extreme knit square so far?!

Check out my completed knited items here.  There aren't many, but I'm hoping to change that this year - I'm working on a beautiful knitted shawl that you can see the start of in this post!

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  1. Oh so much fun! It knits beautifully. Cushion sounds like a good idea. And well done Rob!xxx

  2. OMG this looks so floofy and amazing Maria! Rob did very well. Very well indeed.

    And I don't think I'd be able to get my head around hand knitting. I'd say it's something that once you see it makes more sense than thinking of it! I have visions of not being able to finish it in one sitting and then having all the stitches hanging off my forearm for 3 weeks until I finish it :P

    1. He did a good job - I should marry that boy!

      The hand knitting was SO easy! You could definitely do it - once you start it's easier than you think. And for hand or palm knitting, you don't actually have it hanging off your arms, which is better. You place it flat on the floor and do it like that. So you won't end up trapped in your knitting for weeks on end! :D


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