Friday 6 January 2017

Creation Consolidation - 2016!

Hello and happy new year to you!

The past few years I've enjoyed putting together a post consolidating all my makes from the year.  It's nice to see everything in one place, so without further ado here are my 2016 creations!

Click on the title of the picture to be taken to the relevant post.

Crochet Gloves (with fingers)

Stripy Crochet Baby Blanket

Chunky Knit-Look Crochet Cowl

Tapestry Crochet Mobile Phone Case

Squares for 'Jenny's Blanket of Hugs'

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Tilda Fabric Zip Pouch

Tilda Fabric Strawberries

Tilda Fabric Trinket Tray

Crochet Snail

Decorated Gift Box

Crochet Elephant

Crochet Snowflakes

Crochet Christmas Baubles (with free pattern!)

Crochet Santa Cushion

Christmas Gift Can

Crochet Gary the Snail (from SpongeBob SquarePants)

Crochet Pokeball

Phew, I started slow but certainly ramped up as the year went on!

If you are interested, here are my consolidation posts from previous years:


I didn't do a round-up for previous years, but you can see other finished items at the below links:

Here's to a great 2017 for us all, and lots more crafting!

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  1. The fabric strawberries are adorable. It's nice to see how much one can accomplish throughout the year.
    xx Beca

    1. Thanks Beca - I was really pleased with the strawberries! I know, it's good to look back and realise I have done something productive! x

  2. Happy New Year. You were very busy last year,wow, fantastic makes x

  3. Happy New Year. A productive year last year (as always) you are so good. I really need to pull my finger out and find my crafty mojo this year, I'm starting to miss it x x

    1. Thanks Gem! Happy New Year to you. Yes, definitely try to get your crafty mojo going again - it always feels good to craft! x

  4. It is nice to see it all under one post. Gary the Snail is my favourite. Makes me smile every time! Anna x

    1. I know, I love doing the round-up so I can see it all together and feel like I've achieved something! Gary was hard work, but worth it in the end - funny creature! xx

  5. This was great to read, thanks


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