Tuesday 24 May 2016

Stripy Crochet Baby Blanket

Sorry for the silence - I have been away on a lovely holiday in Costa Rica for two weeks, amongst other, less interesting, things!

My friend's baby was born whilst I was on holiday, so since being back I've been frantically trying to get the baby blanket finished.  She's had a little girl, so I hope that this will be suitable - a take on cheery primary colours!

I made it using Stylecraft Special DK in:


It was all made with half-double (half-treble UK) crochet stitches.  The sunshine and turquoise stripes were 14 rows each, the lipstick stripes were 7 rows each, and the white between them were 2 rows each.

I bordered it with 3 rounds of half-double (half-treble UK) crochet in white, then 2 rows of single (double US) crochet in lipstick.

Quite a simple design, but hopefully quite effective!

I'm hoping my friend likes it.  I will be seeing her, and meeting the new little one, tomorrow - can't wait!

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  1. Super sweet! I am sure it was a success with baby and new mum! x

    1. Thanks Anna - it was! She sent me a very cute picture of the baby all snuggled up in it in her pram! xx

  2. Ah Maria seeing the finished piece - it's so beautiful! The colours are so bright and cheery and really work together and I so adore the pattern. I will definitely be stealing that from you :P Can I pick your brains as to the rough measurements of it? Say, roughly how many chains wide it is (before adding the outside border)? I'm trying to get my head around how big a baby blanket should be. One would figure just going and measuring one in a shop would be an obvious choice, yet, I have yet to do it!!!


    1. Thanks Alex! And I would love to see this made up in different colours - will be so cute! You know, I planned to measure it, but I ended up seeing my friend earlier than I thought so didn't ever get round to measuring it while I still had it. If I remember correctly, I think it was 130 chains wide, but I'm quite a tight crocheter, and I might have remembered wrong! It's not a massive blanket but I think it's a useful size - it's quite a nice size for prams etc I think. My friend said they've got another one they were given, but it's so big that they have to fold it so many times to get it around her in the buggy - so I think it's going to be good for them.

      If you search 'baby blanket sizes' on Pinterest there are quite a few charts which give dimensions for different baby blankets - for swaddling zize, receiving blanket size, buggy/stroller size etc. I've not used them, but they might help! I just did chains until it felt right and went from there - even though I didn't really know what I was doing!



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