Thursday 17 September 2015

Japanese Flower Crochet Coasters

As promised, I'm back with the completed set of Japanese flower crochet coasters!

You can find out more about the yarn and pattern in this post.  I went on to make six in total so that I had every colour combination with these three bright cheerful colours.

I am so pleased with them - the colours are just so happy!

I was a bit tempted to make more and turn them into a scarf or shawl or something - but I think I've lost my momentum now... so will keep them as coasters.

Such a satisfying make!

Think that's it with the photos now... got a bit carried away!  Now... what to make next...

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  1. Like colourful little pancakes! xxx

    1. Thanks Anna - I love them so much, so glad I finally made Japanese flowers, after all this time, and in such happy colours! xx


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