Thursday 31 July 2014

Organisation: Jewellery Storage

Hi and welcome to new followers!  Thanks for all comments recently too, they are always great to read.

We sorted out some in-cupboard storage for my jewellery a month or so ago.  I thought I would share it here.

This tangled pile of costume jewellery (and a few random bits) had been hiding away in this box since we moved last May.  I thought it was about time they were freed from entanglement and put back to use again.

You may remember my hair station, hidden inside the old airing cupboard - turned wardrobe (when the hot water tank was removed).  I have added to it...

With the help of a few cheap supplies from Ikea, my jewellery is now untangled and easy to see and use.  Then it is tucked away out of sight when the door is closed.

Supplies were:

Bygel Rail (2 x 55cm rail) - £1.50 each

Bygel S-Hook (4 x pack of 6 - black) - £1 per pack

The back of this cupboard door has become a very practical spot!

While we were at it, we added a few hooks just inside the cupboard - to get my handbags out of a pile on the floor of the wardrobe, and into a more handy system.  My current 'in-use' handbag fits onto the bottom hook with the other bag, but it was probably dumped somewhere in the house at the time of these photographs!

Actually there are a load more that I need to sort through in a chest in the spare room (aka store room - it isn't used for anything other than junk at the moment... but things are in progress!)  But let's pretend that they don't exist for now - as they haven't been used for ages, and will hopefully soon be purged.  (Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned them, and given the impression of a highly organised and decluttered life!)

The hooks used are:

Bygel Hooks - (1 x pack of 2) - 85p per pack

So, the very cheap Bygel range worked wonders for all these jobs!  I suddenly just realised this sounds like a sponsored post - ha, it's not!  Who the hell would contact me to sponsor a post?!

Right, bed time for me... until next time...


  1. great idea! I used to do the same with hooks for belts!

  2. How fabulous - makes it so easy to find a necklace or bracelet to match in the morning when you are in a rush.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  3. Oh I love a sort out! Your second photo is great with the reflection of the room in the mirror - love it :o) Sam xx

  4. envy!!! It's just all so neat and tidy! I must get to ikea...thank you for this simple but awesome tip! Chrissie x

  5. Brilliant idea. Off to IKEA me thinks, x

  6. What a fantastic idea, such great use of the space and now you can make use of your lovely jewellery!! xx

  7. This is SO CLEVER. Such a simple and incredibly effective use of your cupboard door. I started to think "oh this would look so good in my wardrobe" but then I remembered, a) we have 2 incredibly curious fur balls who get into literally anything. They may be tiny and ladies and have cute faces and white bellies but I've come home to find things that were stored above my head height, all over the floor. Cheeky kittens. Oh and, b) my Mozart bust in our bedroom would be so sad if I revoked his necklace privileges. He's turned into quite the drama queen.

    xx A


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