Sunday 27 April 2014

Mandala Madness!

Finally... I have finished my mandala!

It took me a lot longer than it should have - it's a very quick easy project.  I just stopped and didn't get back into it for ages.

I'd seen mandalas all over the blogs for so long.  I'd thought they were pretty, but didn't know what I'd do with one.  Then I saw my friend Anna's beautiful large mandala/Christmas doily here.  I fell in love!  Check it out, it's amazing!

I decided it was time to attempt a mandala, but I needed a helping hand, so I started with this pattern: the Little Spring Mandala from 'Made in K-Town'.  It's a great pattern, easy to follow.

I followed the pattern up to and including round 7 (but for round 6, I just did 6a not 6b).  At this point in the Little Spring Mandala pattern, you would do the final two rounds (8 and 9) which make the border/edging.  I added four more rounds before going onto those two edging rounds - just to make it a bit larger.

I'm still not quite sure what to do with it!  But I do like it...

I expect I will keep moving it around...

Setting up random arrangements to photograph...

"I sense a blog post coming on" said the Lumberjack as I fannied about doing that!

One more for luck...

I used a random collection of leftover yarn:

  • Bamboo Ewe - 5410 Mercury (leftover from my Sidewalk Shawl)
  • Stylecraft Special DK - Aspen
  • Random white DK (that I've had since I decided I was going to knit a jumper when I was 13 and didn't finish it, despite assuring my mum that I definitely would if she bought the yarn - bad daughter!)
  • Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate

I will link up to Chrissie Craft's Mand-a-Long - if I'm not too late.  Better go and find the post and check that out...


  1. Its gorgeous, love the extra's you added to the original pattern, looks great
    Karen x

  2. Lovely Maria very pretty design and I like the colours a lot . And that is the beauty with mandalas - you can use yarn you have. Great little projects! xx

  3. It's a beauty! I really love the colour combo, and you have such neat and perfect crochet! I'll do another link-up thingie soon, I have another I'd like to make...Chrissie x

  4. Love your mandala. The Lumberjack's comment made me smile but your response made we ROFLMAO. Its the sort of thing I come out with, x

  5. It's lovely! I really like the colours you've used :)

  6. Your mandala is beautiful Maria...I love the colour choices too..(and it must be a good feeling to finally make such good use of your random white DK :-) )
    Wishing you a Happy New Week!
    Susan x

  7. It's really lovely, great colours. I love mandalas but don't know what I'd do with them either!

  8. I've never heard of a mandala before - how uneducated do I sound? But whatever, that thing is beautiful!!! It's like a very fancy, colourful doily. Oh it's a beaut. I love the tiny details in it and as many times as I find myself writing on your blog - I really need to make this! It is just a delight! Argh, so pretteh.

  9. Hi there, just catching up! Your mandala is beautiful, and I love the photoshoot that you did!! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  10. It's lovely, I used the same pattern for my mandala too, and other than 6a and 6b found it easy to follow, I got there in the end though, love the colours you have used, mines on the bedside cabinet at the moment under the lamp.
    Clare x

  11. Love your choice of colours, That pattern was my first attempt too. I have a stack of them on the dining table,

  12. Hi Maria, apologies for taking soo long to get a comment on to your lovely blog. Firstly thank you for joining in your pretty mandala, otherwise I would never have found your blog! I really love this gorgeous mandala that you have made and especially the colours that you chose, it is so different, but I LOVE IT!!!! It looks really at home in that very cosy corner of yours and I love your ducks wellies aren't they just fabulous!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend xoxo


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