Monday 28 October 2013

Christmas Crafting

I've embarked on some Christmassy crafting... this was an idea I had for last Christmas, but never got round to it.  Hence I've started early this year or it'll probably never get done again!

Little crochet stars.  This is just the start - they are being turned into something which I will show you next time!

Thanks as always to all commenters and followers/readers!


  1. Very pretty little stars...I wonder what they'll be? And where did you get that lovely teacup? Chrissie x

  2. These are very clever, looking forward to seeing what they become. :o)

  3. Such sweet little stars! I like your teacup and saucer.
    Marianne x

  4. Love those stars! You are right to be organised as once December rolls around there's never much time for crafting. x

  5. It always feel way too early this time of year to start Christmas crafts. But when you're like me and start Christmas crafts about 2 weeks before Christmas when it does feel right, they are never ever finished on time. So I'mma start early this year.

    Swooning over your blankie / couch / coffee (or tea) shot.

  6. I'll have that cup of tea please.. Good stars, do you have the pattern? Hope you are well!
    Anna x


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