Saturday 14 September 2013

Blanket Colours - Opinions?!

Hi all!  Thanks for the kind comments on my last post about my dresser makeover!  Very much appreciated.

I am really feeling the need to crochet myself a stripy cotton blanket.  My friend Anna has made a few over the years I've known her, and they always feel so soft and lovely.  I'm a bit of a cheapo and usually go for the acrylic yarn... but the time has come - I must make a cotton blanket!  And it must be stripy!  Stripes in cotton yarn just seem to work so perfectly.

So... I am thinking of some colour ideas, based on yarn I've found online.  I wanted to do bluey colours - but I thought of perhaps adding some richness and warmth with a cherry colour:


What do you think?  Or... I remove the cherry:


Next to each other for comparison:

I can't decide - they both have their plus points.  Let me know what you think!

For either option I might change the order of the stripes - for example, colours 2 in a different order:

Or I could go with random stripes.  (Well, when I say random - they order of the colours would jiggle about through the blanket - but they would be carefully planned and charted before I start!)

Anyway... the order doesn't really matter, I'm getting carried away - it's more the colour choice at this point.

So, what do you think - 1 or 2?!


  1. Option 1! :) Much more awesome with the cherry thrown in :)

  2. I prefer option 2, although they are both lovely. Sue x

  3. Option 1. I think the cherry gives it vibrancy. Have fun.

  4. Option 1,option 2 looks a bit boring next to it!

  5. I like the cherry option too, so No 1 is my vote xx

  6. Definitely option 1! I have just started my first granny stripe and it's lovely CK inspired colours, pale yellow, blue, green, pink, cream and then a big burst of deep red! It really adds a nice element x

  7. I like the first option best, with the cherry red. I loved your dresser makeover in your previous post, by the way, just lovely.
    M x

  8. It can never be too stripy! A golden rule in my house (and wardrobe..)! So a stripy blanket is something I warmly recommend you to make! I love the blues! What make of yarn are you thinking of using?
    Anna x

  9. Oh I'm so torn Maria! I love the red, but I'm leaning towards all the coordinated blue. Having said that, l think if there was a mini hit of that cherry red, it would look fab and break up the blue.

    Long story short, option 1. xx A ;)

  10. I love option 1 Maria.. I just love when red is thrown into a mix! Blue can sometimes feel so cold to me. The cherry really warms it up! Hazel x

  11. It's so funny reading the comments above! Everyone has their own tastes. I prefer the blues in option two I think, but I can see how the red really livens it up in option 1. I guess it depends where you want to use it. If it's in blueish room then I'd add the red to stop it becoming too matchy. But whatever you decide, enjoy making it. :-) x

  12. I'm glad you chose the blues!!


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