Thursday 15 August 2013

Craft Room Preparations...

Hi all - thanks for the lovely comments as always!  I've been making progress with my crochet squares... but I'll save that for another time, as I'm not finished yet.

I thought I'd share bits and bobs relating to my craft room!  This is the little third bedroom, known to us (from the moment we viewed the house) as my craft room!

I've bought a couple of pretty bits from Tiger for the room:

A cutwork bin, which I've currently shoved wrapping paper/brown paper/cellophane in.  I think it might be too nice for rubbish!

Colourful baskets:

Look at that organised fabric!  The room was a complete bombshell of paperwork, craft stuff and who knows what other random junk, scattered all over the floor.  I spent aaaages folding up that fabric into that basket, and afterwards declared triumphantly to the Lumberjack "I feel like I've made some real progress here!"  His face said it all as he glanced around at the practically untouched chaos!

It's not all as organised as that yet...

But it will be... eventually!

Helping me in my challenge are these items of furniture from good old Ikea...

The Expedit!

A glimpse of which you could see in my previous picture.  Complete with a bright pink drawers insert:

This fits into one of the squares and will be useful for hiding the less pretty crafting paraphernalia!

I also have a desk... the Ikea Micke desk:

I nearly copied Hydrangea Girl's desk set up but the one I bought has a 50cm depth, as opposed to the 60cm depth, and a radiator in the way dictated the narrower depth was required.  Very happy with my new desk, though!  (And I'd better be - the Lumberjack said it was the worst flatpack bit of furniture he's ever assembled!)

And to go with it, this Snille chair, for a bargainous £12!!!

I find it so comfortable... and £12... would you believe it...!

I will reveal more as I get things more sorted.  However, I want to strip the wallpaper and paint the room, but we've had enough of wallpaper stripping at present!  NOT a fun job, and the whole house is wallpapered, eurgh.

This room isn't really a priority, because it's by far the nicest wallpaper in the house, a lot less dated than other rooms - we think it was done recently:

I actually don't mind it, but it's not the right look for my craft room.  As a feature wall in a living room or bedroom, accented with creams and reds it could be really nice.  But not on all the walls, and not in my craft room!

But as there's not really anything wrong with it, and as we have a million other jobs to do... it's quite far down the list.  I'm just happy to have a craft room at all!


  1. Oh, SO cute! Isn't IKEA a god send? That cute pink drawer insert is so you ;) Fun and colourful. Adora-balls. And your new desk - JEALOUS! They didn't have it in stock when I was in IKEA. Sniff, sniff. And I can back Lumberjack up - I nearly burst a vein in my face from screaming at my desk whilst assembling it.

    Best of luck, and can't wait to creep more ;) xx A

  2. Ooooh Im jealous of your designated craft room! Its a dream of mine to have a craft room I can lock myself away in (I may make my children share a bedroom soon!)

    Look forward to seeing more :)

    Rhi x x

  3. Looks gorgeous! Where are your cute litle fabric baskets from, the plastic ones? They're so pretty :)


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