Monday 22 July 2013

Furniture Transformation - Lumberjack Style!

Well hello!  Thanks for the comments on my last post.  Also, the comments on the pillowcase too - that was my feeble attempt at a bit of styling!  We had different bedding on at the time, but I whacked that pillowcase over it, as I thought it would go so nicely.  We were also still sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so the pillow was actually way down out of sight of the top of the bedside table - so I propped it up sideways to get a sneaky peak of it into the shot!  (It's all fake - mwuhahahahaha!)  Maybe I should have just left the illusion of a glimpse at perfection!  ;o)

Ok... onto a bit of furniture transformation!  The Lumberjack had this Ikea Leksvik chest of drawers, from his bachelor pad (in those dark days before he met me!)

Not my picture - stolen from the internet, as I didn't take a before shot (sorry!)

Well, inspired by the blogging world I've subjected him to, the Lumberjack became determined to "upcycle" and paint it!

I'll admit to you now, I wasn't convinced (mean girlfriend that I am)... but I let the boy get on with it.  This is part way through:

He chose a blue/grey eggshell paint (Dulux Steel Symphony 4).  When he tried it on a test piece, he decided he wanted it a bit darker, so added a tester pot of black paint to it.  Here is the end result:

Excuse the carpet - a new one is on the (giant) list!

He would have preferred it to be darker still but I'm very happy with it!  It turns out I was harsh to doubt the poor fella!!

Didn't he do well?!  He's quite excited about his work featuring in a blog post!

In other news we've just had a weekend away from DIY - we went down to Perranporth in Cornwall, with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, to visit my Grandad who lives there.  It was a lovely weekend!  Here's a little beach pic for you...

I'll be back soon with more house pictures!


  1. Love what has been done to the chest of drawers. Bet you had a fantastic weekend! Sue x

  2. Well done Mr. Lumberjack, it looks straight up amazing. It's beautifully painted, and in a calm, grey hue. I'm all about grey. Did you have to sand it down first? I have a manky wooden dresser that's been in need for a new lick of paint, but the idea of having to sand it has put me off of doing it for 4 years ... For shame.

    You get zero credit Maria. Except for the photo skills and pillow sneakery ... ;)

    xx A

    1. He didn't sand it first - but it wasn't a shiny laminate finish. Also he used eggshell paint, which might help avoid the sanding..?? It hasn't lifted off, but we think it could chip if we're not careful. He might try waxing it, if it seems to be chipping. It was a bit of an experimental first try really! Seems pretty good to me!

    2. Excellent. I've made note and I feel a bit better about tackling the dresser in our bedroom! Fingers crossed it's not another 4 years before I get around to painting it.

      xx A

  3. Well done to the Lumberjack! Loving these posts, keep em comming. :o)

  4. Top marks to the Lumberjack and what a lovely couple you two make :-)

  5. Fab up-cycle! Give that lumberjack a pat on the back! x

  6. Good post. The transformation of the dresser seems to have come out well, despite the lack of a before shot. Thanks for posting.

  7. yay! a lumberjack photo to drag me out of blog lurker habits ;-)
    hello *wave*
    the drawers are ace :-)
    Sarah x


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