Saturday 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to you all!

I only got round to getting the Easter Tree up this morning...

The feathers are from my friend Anna, who is Swedish.  They are a Swedish Easter tradition - nice and colourful!

I also finally did my Easter chocolate shopping - can't believe I've left it this late!!!

Oooh - yummy mini-eggs in my little jar!  (I've just thought that if I'd been organised enough, that could have made a nice Easter present for my mum and sister-in-law... damn!  Sorry Mum and Roon, if you're reading this!)

And look - a lovely present from the Lumberjack - a gorgeous jug with flowers!!  Lucky me!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!  Make sure you eat LOTS of chocolate!!


  1. Yep am eating chocolate as I type - mini eggs to be precise, in fact just devoured the entire bag! Your Easter tree is really cute, very colourful which is what it should be! I didn't get around to doing one this year though I did buy a few little Eastery decorations :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Jenny x p.s hope your new job is going ok? xxx

  2. Lovely, lovely! Hope you have a super Easter weekend :) x

  3. ah my auntie has one of those easter trees, I had no idea it was a 'thing', thot she was just showing off! Loving your colourful feathers :)

  4. Love your Easter tree- I didn't get round to putting mine up either this year, but on a positive note, the kids have got waaaaaaaay too much chocolate for them both to eat, so I might have to 'help' them out!!

  5. Love your tree with it's pretty blossoms and feathers. Lots of choccy here but a distinct lack of Spring weather!
    Love your Easter gift from the lumberjack! I have been eyeing-up a dinner service in the same pattern for a while now! There is a particularly gorgeous teapot and cake stand too!
    Becky x


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