Saturday 22 October 2011

A Pretty Little Ta-Dah!

Finally I've started and finished something!!  A cute little cup cosy - and I love it!

Made with King Cole Bamboo yarn.

Lovely stripes in bright pink, light pink and white.  A mixture of single and double crochet. Although I wish I'd done it all in double crochet, as less rows would have been needed - making it quicker and leaving less ends to sew in!!  There were a total of 26 ends to sew in, in total!  A ridiculous amount for an item so small!!!  (Although I do like the look of wider and thinner rows together - so I guess it was worth it!)

Look at those gorgeous pale pink polka-dot buttons!  (Part of my giveaway from Jackie of Sew Special Bears - thanks Jackie!)  And bright pink polka-dot ribbon for an extra bit of detail!  Not at all because the join between the white border and the stripy ends looked like a big pile of poo - all gappy and holey and horrible, and I had to cover it up!  Not at all because of that....  (Sometimes the best "design features" are accidents or cover-ups!)

I love it!

Although, it really took rather a lot of time to make, considering what a mini project it is.  I had some grit stitch involved at one point, which I frogged as it just wasn't going right.  Then what with having to sew all those ends in, and keep fiddling about with and re-doing the white border before I eventually came up with the ribbon idea, which then had to be sewn on - well, it wasn't as quick as it should have been!  But, at least I'm happy with it!!

(I'll try not to think how many squares of the baby blanket I could have made while I was messing around with this unnecessary item!!)  :o)


  1. That is sooo pretty! Love the ribbon detail and buttons - you can't tell it was a cover up! I think it looks nicer with the detail any way even if you had liked the white edging.

    Leah x

  2. think it is fabulous and would lovely on any cup especially mine lol

  3. I NEED to make this too! :D How awesome this looks - so simple, but I think everyone can use a little crochet with their morning cuppa :)

  4. I don't have a cup-cosy and actually never knew they existed til now ... but obviously I do need one now I know! Yours is so sweet.


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