Saturday, 10 September 2011

Another Post...

Another post so soon?!  I'm trying not to be so lapse with my blog!

Here are the magnets for my friend Anna, packaged up with a bow:

You'll have to excuse the darkness.  The light is never the best in my dingy little flat - but it's getting even worse these days, now that Autumn is upon us!  Not that I'm complaining, I love the different seasons... and I love Autumn!

Here is a picture of some fake flowers I bought the other day, to go into my lovely pink polka dot jug vase.  (I bought the vase back in April for my Easter Tree!)

I just love pinks and aquas together!  I'm quite pleased with how it looks.  To be honest when it comes to flower arranging (of fake or real flowers) I am utterly useless.  When it comes to even owning or growing plants I also fail miserably.  Poor things always end up dead!  I guess I can't be good at everything - I am so very talented in so many other areas.... hahahaha!  Just joking!  ;o)

Somehow, however, this arrangement seemed to flukily go ok!  The flowers came on stems that were too long, so I just grabbed them all and haphazardly bent them, crammed them into the vase, and it just seemed to luckily look alright!  The vase looks a bit more in proportion to the flowers in real life, I think it's the angle I took the photo at, which makes them look massive.

Well... I must get on!  :o)


  1. I love the magnets, and your flowers they look fab. My daughter has a jug just like that too, it's very nice. Sue

  2. The magnets look great! So do the the flowers, I'm terrible at growing anything, except babies, LOL! Can I ask where you got the flowers from,the colours would look great in my kitchen!

  3. Flowers look lovely. Have the same jug and practically same candlesticks - such good taste!
    Becky x


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