Monday 25 July 2011

Back from Weymouth!

Hellloooo!  I just want to say hi to all new followers, and thanks for all the comments that have been posted recently - I read and enjoy them all!  Sorry if I've not been good at responding, things have been very busy lately!  Just so you know they are all appreciated!  :o)

I've just spent 5 days away in Weymouth with my lovely sister-in-law.  My brother was on a stag do, so we went away to have some fun ourselves!  As she is pregnant, we indulged in eating, rather than drinking!  These were rather delicious:

Mmmm wish I could tuck into one of them right now!!  

As for crafting... I really need to pull my finger out!  (How long have I been saying this for?!)  But what I do have is a picture of a tiny crocheted heart I made the other week:

It really is tiny!  Only about 3cm tall, and just over 3.5 cm wide.  I got the pattern from Julia Crossland - her Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting.  I plan to make more of them and make them into some bunting for somewhere... not sure where yet!  It was very quick and easy to make, so why I only managed one I do not know!  Useless girl!

Bye for now!


  1. Those cakes look divine, I think I may just have to have a go at making some of those. Love the little heart no matter how small it is it is still very very cute, very pretty colours as well xxx

  2. Hehe, well done for the one heart anyway, it's more than I've done lately crochet wise! They are rather lovely tho, may make myself a few when I've done with my blanket! Haha, thanks for your comment about tanning too - glad there is someone else pale who understands! I usually do the same with my ring marks on my fingers, you can then see how super pale I usually am compared with my slight tan!! Have a great week, Jenny xxx

  3. Oh, those cakes look amazing!! yummy!

  4. Sounds (and looks) like you had a scrumptious good time! and the little heart is adorable!

  5. i thought the cupcakes were icecreams at first glance!! yummy!!

  6. Those are definitely my kind of cupcake! Yum.
    I made some of those lovely little hearts and turned them into a little dangly heart chain for my daughter's window. They're a bit addictive, aren't they?
    Emily x


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