Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pretty Heart!

Remember you can enter my giveaway here!!

Back in June/July last year I made a hanging lavender heart as part of a giveaway I did then.  My Mum liked it, and I've been meaning to make her one ever since... finally I have!!  (Bad daughter for taking so long!)

Very similar to the original, so some of you will be experiencing deja vu!

I also was very lucky and won a giveaway last week from Laura of Bugs and Fishes.  I won this lovely book:

It is a really useful book, full of practical sewing tips and lessons.  The pages are really pretty too...

Lucky me!!  Thanks so much Laura!

Remember my giveaway is still running, if you want to enter!


  1. I love your heart. Lucky you, the book looks fab xx

  2. Your little heart is adorable!!! I am so loving the sweet buttons. Happy creating. Love your sweet blog.

  3. That heart is very sweet- I bet your num loves it!
    And great book to win, too!
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Lucky you, the book looks lovely! Cute heart as well, at least you got around to making it in the end, love the tiny seed beads! xxx

  5. Such a very pretty heart, I love the detail

    That book looks really useful, conrgats on winning it!


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