Saturday 14 April 2012

Old Stuff!

Well, I'll start with a bit of crochet I've picked up again, that I started quite some time ago!  I first posted about it 1st June last year!  It is my African Flower Runner...

I've completed a couple more flowers... but have changed the plan from a runner to a cushion.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you the completed item at some point!  It would be nice to get it finished at last!!

Also, I have been given some old crafty bits and bobs from the Lumberjack's Gran.  She can't use it anymore, so has very kindly passed it onto me.  There are...

...pinking shears:

I really needed these, as I have some very cheap rubbish plastic ones which I can't even get to cut through paper, let alone fabric!

...old buttons that she had accumulated over many years: a lovely old tin:

...loads of them!!:

...some reels of cotton:

...two of them wooden:

I love that big wooden cotton reel!!

I will have to see what I can make with all these bits and bobs!  It was very kind of her to give them to me, and I think she was glad that they've gone to someone who will make use of them.


  1. I love the crochet! I have abandoned unfinished projects that I really should work on before I start any new ones. I hope you finish this soon, it looks pretty! And what a fun loot you have there for sewing!

  2. Hehe I recognise that crochet! Have you not finished it yet?? :D it will look gorgeous as a cushion, hope you find the motivation to finish it!

    Love those old cotton reels, especially the beautiful wooden ones. They probably won't be that much use for actual sewing (my machine can't cope with anything old!) but what a gorgeous display they will make! So nice of her to give you her treasured carfty stuff, those buttons are fab!

    Jenny xx

  3. Wow Maria, I had a pair of pinking shears just like those, and I have some old wooden reels!!!!

    It's like they are seen as antique!!!!!

    Love Mum xxxx

  4. Your crochet will make a beautiful cushion, I look forward to seeing it. I have three projects that need finishing so perhaps you will give me the motivation I need to get them done?!
    It's lovely that you have been passed on those lovely craft items. I have some wooden cotton reels and the cotton is still quite strong on mine so you may be able to stitch with it, but they will look lovely in photos. I was given a tip for sharpening pinking sheers - cut some fine sandpaper with them and it should sharpen the blades.
    Becky x

  5. Although it makes me sad my Gran doesnt use them anymore, it makes me smile to know you will look after and appreciate them! No pressure.....!!!
    And yes those shears are amazing arent they! So sharp and clinical. They dont make em like they used to!

    Now, how about tackling those unfinished projects!!

    The Lumberjack xxx

  6. Wow the crochet it gorgeous! I learnt only 5 hours ago and I am an addict!


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